The stressless, comfortable alternative to a cattery


We all know that owning a cat is great fun, but at times it can also be a huge responsibility.

Cats really need a regular routine with lots of love and attention, and often it can be hard to find someone to look after them when you're off on holiday, away with work or visiting family. In these instances, we can help by caring for your cat in your own home where we'll visit, feed, clean out and provide fuss and attention. Their routine will be unchanged, and their life in your absence will thus be as stressfree for them as possible — something else you don’t have to worry about while you are away. The unpalatable alternative is a cattery, and most cats famously actively dislike these and the disruption to their life that they bring.

In contrast, we will visit your home daily, (or twice daily if you prefer) and carry out their usual routine. We can also pick up the mail, switch lights on or off and generally make the place look inhabited, to your personal specifications to deter burglars. It all adds up to being much more than mere cat care, and it’s all part of the service and comes at no extra charge whatsoever, from your award-winning local provider.

Other Small Pets

Incidentally, we have experience in looking after rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, gerbils, birds, fish and other small animals too, and will follow your instructions and provide a quality level of care required for each breed of animal. Please enquire for more details.

Company when you can't be there

Feeding, cleaning & lots of fuss and attention

Stress free

Once or twice daily visits

Rabbit & small pet visits

All small animals cared for by Sophie's


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